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Smart Captcha

Some story

While developing our CAPTCHA service, the good idea occurred to us. Not all people like the idea of CAPTCHA in type of protection image. It is annoying they say. What is the CAPTCHA most often used for? Developers mostly use the CAPTCHA to prevent spam robots from sending automated queries to the server. As we know, most of robots (we even can say all) do not parse JavaScript. So, we thought, why just not to fill the CAPTCHA ourselves with the JavaScript?! We can simply produce a hard to decode JavaScript which will do all the job for us. And even more. It will hide the CAPTCHA fields from a human eye!

Smart CAPTCHA easy to migrate to

So, how to implement smart CAPTCHA?

It is really very easy to do. There are thousands of resources protected with a simple CAPTCHA. You need to upgrade your CAPTCHA code with only one JavaScript!

It is really easy to do for everyone who has CAPTCHA protection.

Smart CAPTCHA work

  1. Step one:

    If there is no JavaScript support, simply displaying the CAPTCHA.

  2. Step two:

    If there is JavaScript support, then if the IP is suspicious, displaying the CAPTCHA. (*just to get reinsured that the clever robot will not parse our JavaScript)

  3. Step three

    Otherwise adding the JavaScript which fills the CAPTCHA code and hides it from the human eye.

Smart CAPTCHA diagram Smart CAPTCHA diagram
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Written on 8/10/2006 by Oleg from ProtectWebForm

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