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Forum - FORM error ""Email addresses may not contain (,),>,< or other control chars."

2007-02-25 10:25:13
Am using webcaptcha via simple line of HTML in an html page:

with code:

<form name="Yoko Trading Contact Form" method="post"

History: This was working fine but I had to reinstall my PHP blog due
to an .htaccess corruption (created by me when I attempted to tweak it
:{), so had to create new webcaptch pair for this form.

Now, The captcha image comes up but when I enter requested characters
I get "Email addresses may not contain (,),>,< or other control
chars." AND -- no message is sent.
I also want to redirect it to 'thank you' but see that is discussed
elsewhere so will go there for that part of the problem once I get
this fixed.

I love this product, it has eliminated all Blam from my php blog (Word
Press) and until this problem was doing the same for my site's contact
page. Appreciate this forum also!
2007-02-25 10:35:41
Duh factor at work...;} . Of course, as soon as I post to the forum I
fix the darned thing; Somehow I had not changed the number of the pair
in the revised form action url. It's working, but need now to study
the redirect to 'thank you' page.
PS: I'm using FORMMAIL.PL btw.

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