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Forum - Form not redirecting to "Success" page.

2007-02-13 10:50:30
Hi folks,

I also emailed this through the site, but I wondered if this was a
preferred method.

First, thanks for this amazing free service. Major kudos for this.

I have a personal-info entry-form now being 95% successfully protected
by your site.

The form at my site collects the user's info, and calls your
protection URL instead of a template txt file used by my hosting
provider's copy of CGIEMAIL.

Your site successfully opens up & requests captcha validation. When I
enter the captcha, it validates, and then some of the processing of
the CGIEMAIL entry succeeds, because email is successfully generated
to my address and the form-filler's address.

The final action CGIEMAIL used to handle was sending the user to a
SUCCESS page (one of the form's inputs is a hidden input named
Success, that sends users to a "guest-thanks.html" page (with a full,
not relative, URL).

But, instead of being redirected towards the guest-thanks.html page at
my site, users are still at your server, with an error saying "cannot
access mastery/guest-thanks.html at this server.

Is this a known issue, and am I just doing things wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help here!

- Jonathan
2007-02-13 10:57:08
Sorry -- here's the test form page I'm using to test this out, as I've
not published the newly protected form page yet.

Filling out the form above with a sample name and a valid email
address (& any other test data) will reproduce the problem

- Jonathan
2007-02-13 12:51:03
Hi jonathanaltfeld,

There is an answer on what to do in forum topic.
You simply need to output page with meta html redirect in your form
processing script.

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