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Forum - Better BACK support

2006-07-24 01:30:23
First.. GREAT service. Thank you!

Now.. I've implemented the PHP code for my site. If a user enters the
incorrect image code, they get the message that the code is incorrect
and to click BACK. However, when they click BACK, the information that
they entered in the form is gone.

How can I maintain this information so my users do not have to re-type

2006-07-25 00:09:12
The first advice is to use gateway
(choose "Easy installation") when installing the protectwebform. In
this case all the data will be submitted and processed as always on
your site.

As for the codes installation, I need some days to investigate this
issue. My browser saves all the data, and when I click 'back' button,
shows me everything as it was.

I suppose I'll answer you in two-three days here, in forum.
2006-07-25 15:42:39
Hmm.. OK. Right now I'm using the PHP method. My site is PHP based --
no static HTML files to update.

If I use the "gateway" method, then the form dat a is actually sent to, right? This means I need to update my site's
privacy policy. Is there privacy policy in effect on

2006-07-25 18:58:20
> "If I use the "gateway" method, then the form dat a is actually

You are right. And there is no policy, yet, but if you need one, I can
publish the short variant with needed options in it.

I can assure you, the information that we resend is even not analyzed
automatically (as many public services do). I will publish the policy
ASAP, I was already planning of doing this, but I had no time yet.
2006-07-26 15:01:23
Thanks. If possible, can you publish a copy of your privacy policy?

Here is a page in which I have implemented the protectwebform captcha:
When I use the back button, the form data is lost.

Also, what (if any) is the performance difference between using the
"gateway" method and the "code installation" method?

2006-07-28 01:38:16
Hello, keycontent!

As for privacy policy, I have published it (see the link at the bottom
of each page). Points to:

As for the "Back" support. There is the thing, I can say for sure.
When the page sends headers like:
Cache-control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate etc
Expires: ... year 1981 ...
As your page does and some other pages I have tested, the data from
the form disappears.

If the page does not send such headers the form displays results

Setting of such headers, often deceitful, is for better search engines
spidering, but this is a mistake. Search engine spiders mostly do not
process this information. Cause this information is easy-to-manipulate
2006-07-31 14:28:03
Thanks for the Privacy Policy, and for the info about the headers. How
do I configure the header to to send the information? Is there
something in my .htaccess file I can modify?

2006-08-01 00:12:43
I need some time to answer you. If you are using any third-party
software, this will be hard to do.
Otherwise, I will post the code here in a day, maybe. Also I need to
know your programming language.

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