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Forum - Incorrect Function

2006-09-06 11:17:57
I have installed the simple version at

When the Captcha has been correctly filled in, the page returned
simply says "Incorrect Function"

The return URL is

The string "Incorrect Function" does not appear anywhere in the the
guestbook script, and the address bar shows a protectwebform URL, so
it seems to come from the PWF server.

Might it be the ? in the URL?
Any ideas?

2006-09-06 12:17:01
> and the address bar shows a protectwebform URL
protectwebform only sends request to your server and displays the
answer as any browser does.
This means that the "Incorrect Function" was prodused by your server.
Anyway, the problem must be on my end, if you didn't have it before. I
will try to solve it. Maybe in a day or so.
2006-09-06 15:02:15
Thanks oleg

I installed PWF on another site on the same server and it works
perfectly. In that case the action URL is a simple standalone - no
question marks.

The one that's giving problems has everything in the same asp file:
submit the form, read the guestbook and administer the guestbook and
they are selected by setting the "perform" variable.

FYO the guest book is SKGB :
2006-09-07 22:12:45
I have tried to find out what is the problem in, and couldn't do it.
(this is the first time, I'm experiencing such problems) I would be
able to try to solve it if you provide me access to your server (ftp
or smth. else). You can send me all the valuable data to webmaster [
at ]
2006-09-08 03:35:04
I have mailed you the ftp details.

2006-09-16 05:33:16
I am getting emails saying that there have been new posts in this
topic but I cannot see them. Is any progress being made?
2006-09-16 08:39:15
finally found your email it was considered to be junk, so sorry for
not answering you for a long time.

You are using ASP (not ASP .NET) I'm not sure I will be able to deal
with it, but I'll try and answer you soon.
2006-09-28 10:29:08

Any update to this problem?
If not I will either have to install ASP.NET or find another way of
protecting the form.

BTW I am still getting emails saying additions have been made to this
topic, but none have.


2006-10-05 10:06:51
As there have been no replies to this topic for 20 days (despite
getting false notifications every other day) I am unsubscribing from
it. Thanks for trying, but I have found another way to protect my


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