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Forum - I have a cgi page and I still get spam

2008-09-10 20:58:17

I am really confused. MY simple guestbook is a form off a cgi center
server. The form is also implemented in my guestbook.html page. I
installed the Captcha multiple ways and it works, but I still get

The thing that is throwing me off is:
1) my original form tag does not list a website but only says
so when I entered that in, it wouldn't save it, so I assumed the html
was what my main host website is: (which is also
listed somewhere else in the code)
2) which url do I enter to save? the server ../cgi-sys/guestbook.cgi,
3) as far as renaming the file as it says in FAQ/#7 do I rename it
something like..../cgi-sys/guestbook22.cgi ( in the code or the
actually page) or

any help would really be appreciated, thanks

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