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Forum - cutenews installation problems

2008-06-28 14:34:33
I have installed smartCAPTCHA on one of my websites already, and I am
attempting to install it on another one, but it won't work.

I am using cutephp for both of them, have generated new codes, and I
installed it in what I believe is the exact same way that I installed
the other one, but the captcha is not working.

Could someone bring me through the steps once more so that I can
double check the coding.

Or you can try to point out what I have done incorrectly:

1. Installed the html light version of the code in cutephp 'add
comment form' editor and saved.

2. Installed php script in the file where it said to
(right after the <php?)

3. Reuploaded file.

It should have worked then, right?
2008-07-29 07:33:59
yup we are all in the same boat. did the exact same thing along with
another person and still haven't been able to get any help from

Is there NOT ONE person that can provide step by step instructions
different from the ones above to get this thing to work?

Please and thanks in advance! :/

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